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Capital Campaign Mission

We envision a modern fire department facility that will serve the Mechanicsburg

community for the next 100 years. It will serve as a small gathering place for community events, provide classroom and meeting space for our members, and further

galvanize the Mechanicsburg Fire Department as one since the 2019 merger.

The downtown fire station and the current station on York Street have served the community well. However, major improvements will cost more to meet the current and future needs of each location when compared to consolidating into one new building. The existing station layouts do not properly separate living and eating space from vehicles and equipment to optimize the safety and health of our personnel and practically, there is no room for expansion downtown.

Our plan is to build a new, modern fire department building at the corner of York and Simpson Streets. All fire apparatus and personnel will be housed together in one facility. Additionally, this facility will become the home for Penn State Life Lion EMS in the Mechanicsburg area.

More Information Coming Soon!


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