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In 2019, the two longtime fire companies in the Borough of Mechanicsburg – the Washington Fire Company #1 and the Citizens Fire & Rescue Company #2 - merged together to become the Mechanicsburg Fire Department.  On New Year’s Eve 2019, Companies #27 & #28 went permanently out of service and the new Company #29 was born.   



The MFD29 continues to operate and protect the borough of Mechanicsburg and surrounding communities out of our two stations for now and operates 2 engines, a squad, a rescue, a truck, a traffic unit, and a utility.  The company is working to build a central station within the Borough of Mechanicsburg.    


While we are excited for what the future of the MFD29 might hold, we cannot forget long and proud traditions of the two companies that led the fire service in the Borough of Mechanicsburg for over 100 years.


Please click on the link below to visit the history of each company until the merger.

Washington Fire Company #1
Cumberland County Co. #28
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washies history 14.jpg
Citizens Fire & Rescue Co. #2
Cumberland County Co. #27
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