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3 Alarm Hotel Fire in Upper Allen

Last night around 630 pm the Mechanicsburg Fire Department was dispatched to the Upper Allen 23-02 box for a building fire at the Motel 6. Engine 29 arrived and secured their own water and began fire attack on a 2 story motel with fire through the roof. Truck 29 set up on side C of the structure and made trench cuts in the roof to stop the fire spread, then followed up with master stream operations. EVAC tones were sounded when the roof collapsed. Rescue 29 crew supplemented the Engine and the Truck crews. Crews were faced with large volumes of fire, frigid temperatures along with high winds making the fire difficult to control. Thank you to Engine 236 (Mt Holly) and Truck 34 (Shermans Dale) for covering the Borough while we were out!

Your Mechanicsburg Fire Department had 18 members on the roster and are still thawing out equipment, gear, and hose.

Photo Credits to Sabrina McClintock, Keriann Stoner, and Mike Whitzel


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