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2021 MFD Officers

At our socially distance January company meeting, the MFD has voted for an approved the following officers for the company. Please wish them well inthier postion for 2021!!

Adminsitrative Officers:

President: Ronald Trace Vice President: Randy Uhrich Secretary: Lesia Metallo Treasurer: Elizabeth Neff Membership Secretary: Mark Gephart

Board of Directors

Randy Uhrich, Chair

Ronald Trace

Lesia Metallo

Elizabeth Neff

Lynn Fernbaugh

Ben Ried

Robert Weaver

Firefighters Relief Representatives

Thomas Bender

Lesia Metallo

James Musselman

Elizabeth Neff

Ronald Trace

Fire Line Officers

Fire Chief: Koni Hench

Deputy Fire Chief: Nate Stoner

Assistant Fire Chief: Christopher Bixler


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