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Busy Day in the Borough

Today was a busy day within the MFD. The day started with a Truck 29 assisting with a flag memorial during a local funeral. Station 1 was also prepared to be an overflow spot for the funeral. Around dinner time, the MFD was dispatched to the intersection of East Main and Walnuts Streets for structure damage. Crews from E129, E229, and R29 found a tractor trailer tried to make an illegal turn and did not have enough room and struck the building. Crews checked the stability of structure and the trailer before going available. After returning from the accident, the MFD held training at Station 2 which focused on "Getting to Know Your 1st Due." Crews completed a scavenger hunt using the 'I Am Responding' app locating hydrants, landing zones, unusual house numbers, and more within the Borough.


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