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R29 on Monroe Twp. MVA turned House Fire

This afternoon around 230pm Rescue 29 was dispatched mutual aid to Monroe Township for an auto accident with a vehicle overturned. Rescue 29 responded with 4. While enroute, a Fire Police Officer on scene advised that the power lines were down, and there was also a house on fire involved. Command 25 quickly upgraded the box to a structure response. The vehicle accident sheared off the telephone poles and the arcing started a fire on the outside of the house. Rescue 29 arrived on scene assuming fire attack. Crew from Rescue 29 deployed the 300’ Barney line but had to hold off until the power company was able to shut down the grid. Once power was secured, crews from Rescue 29 and Company 33 operated 2 hand lines off Rescue 29. Crews were on scene approximately 2 hours ensuring all hot spots were out.

Photo Credits: DJM News Media and Curt Werner


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