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4 Call Day for the MFD

Busy Wednesday for MFD29! First call sent Co 29 and 23 to Stickly Road int he Borough for a CO problem. UGI was already on scene and needed assistance venting the structure. The MFD was out for for 1.5 hours. As crews returned from the CO call, they were hit for a forcable entry call on Darla Road in the Borough. Units arrriv

ed to find no one home. Around dinner time, E129 (with 6) went to Silver Spring Township to assist with SQ31 and SQ33 for an accident with possible entrapment on State Road. Crews split, pulled a line and helped with stablization and extrication. Later in the evening, E129 (with 5) & E229 (with 4) headed to Wendy's on Simpson Ferry Road in Hampden Township for an inside investigation along with Co 30, 37, & 22. Command 30 quickly held the box to Co 30 & 22 and crews returned.


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