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H.O.T. Training with Love the Job Fire Training LLC

A huge thank you to Kevin Tarapchak and Rick Flinn III with Love the Job Fire Training LLC for sweating it out last night with the MFD. The MFD had almost 25 members in attendance, all dedicated to providing the best and highest level of service possible. The hands on training (H.O.T. Class) encouraged progressive work for driver/operators faced with low staffing. Everything from securing your own water source, throwing ladders, and stretching the back up line for the back up crew, all while making sure our interior crews never ran out of water. Most of the MFD pumpers have 750 gallons of water onboard. If the interior crew is flowing consistently for fire attack, it can take 5 minutes or less to run out of water. These men and women were MOVING last night! For anyone wondering if they should schedule classes with Love the Job Fire Training LLC, DO IT! You will not regret it! The MFD will certainly be back for more.


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